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What is Triple F?

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  The other day someone asked me, “What is Triple F?”  It”s really quite simple.  Triple F is a group for women striving to succeed in a man’s world.  Traditionally, firefighting has been a man’s world and it still is.  Over 96% of the fire service is male and the numbers are not really budging.  […]

Fight the Monsters

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I had lunch with my good friend Susie the other day, and as we sat by the water drinking Coronas with lime, the subject of women in the fire academy came up. We both knew someone who had entered the academy completely physically unprepared.  At 5’2, Susie is small but incredibly fit and strong.  She […]

The Birth of Triple F

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I created Triple F only a few days after my Mother died in late March.  I was running in a small national park tucked away in the Florida Keys hammock.  No one else was there.  As I ran over a slender dirt path through the shadows of trees and grieved for my Mother, the idea […]