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Always Ready, Proud to Serve

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The other day as we were returning from a call in our Engine, I looked around at my crew.  It was a relatively mellow day, and I was silently lamenting the fact that we hadn’t had a fire or extrication in quite awhile.  (I know, I know, I shouldn’t wish tragedy on anyone.)  As we […]

I am not an expert

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I’d like to clarify that although I write a blog on firefighting, I am an expert on absolutely nothing.  Niente.  Nada. I do not teach, nor have I ever.  I have had a few fires, but never pulled anyone out.  I have been on a couple dive calls and missed a body.  I have had […]


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On a recent shift it seemed like 90% of the calls we ran stemmed from emotional pain.  Some patients made themselves physically sick with it while others let their pain morph into such complete destructiveness that they endangered themselves and took the life of an innocent.  In Fire and EMS we witness intense suffering and […]