Today is Christmas

Christmas2Today is Christmas and while I am on shift at the firehouse hanging out with my crew and doing our thing, my husband is home alone flipping through photography books with our german shepherd and fox terrier by his side.  He tells me he misses me. A lot.  I know I sure miss him.


Today is Christmas and while my officer leads on Engine 66, his lovely wife is home with their young son, celebrating the second Christmas of his life without dad who has had to work Christmas two years in a row.


Today is Christmas and while Triple F’er, Firefighter Marcela is on shift, her six kids are spending Christmas without her.  I know they wish she was there.


Our families absolutely rock.  I don’t know about you, but my husband gives me the strength to do my job and face whatever I may see at work, some of which can be grim and demoralizing.  I think when we work on Christmas, it’s harder on our families than it is on us. Not only do they miss us, but they worry for us too.  We wear the uniform and with it share the pride and camaraderie that entails. While they spend this day without us, we run calls knowing the people beside us have our backs.  And we feel the satisfaction when we help someone in trouble on a day that is supposed to be special and safe for everyone.  There’s a lot more in it for us than our families.


Here’s to our families! We wouldn’t want to do it without you!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! To all those on shift, stay safe. And to our families, thank you for your love and understanding. Your support gives us the strength to do our jobs and face the darkness. Your understanding means everything.


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