Triple F MindSet

Triple F is a mindset.  An attitude.  It’s a determination to forge our mind, body, and spirit into an indomitable flame. Indomitable means “impossible to subdue or defeat” and flame is pure energy and light, so I find indomitable flame an inspiring metaphor for human potential.  To become this indomitable flame means taking the path less traveled and not giving into ease. If you’re a firefighter, you’ve already chosen a less traveled path, but how far will you take it?


The mind, body, and spirit are our triumvirate of power. The 3F mindset requires dedication not just to physical fitness, but to mental and spiritual growth as well.  This means turning off the T.V. and reaching for a book or sitting down for five minutes every now and then and listening to your breath.  It requires a certain acceptance of discomfort and the willingness to push yourself, to stretch yourself, to open.  Reach through the pain and the agony and the humiliation for something that is worthy of our suffering.


Fall down seven times, get up eight. 

~Japanese Proverb


1506639_755219387840638_1016630848_nTriple F is about getting back up when we’ve been knocked down hard on our ass in the dirt, which we all have. Every single one of us.  It’s about not giving in to our deepest fears and insecurities.  Defying those dark whispers that come to us in our most vulnerable moments.  And when we slip, which we will, way more than we’d like, it’s getting back on our feet, wiping the blood off our face, and stepping into the fight again.  And again.  And again.


No flame is the same and the potential for each of us will look different. But we grow what we feed, so pay attention to those parts of yourself you are feeding!  Be vigilant.  Be brave!  Every one of us is pure potential, but not everyone will reach theirs.  And that is a loss for the entire world.  Becoming an indomitable flame is about Transcendence. Overcoming.  Burning away fear and stagnation. We’ve got to reach for our potential and that is really really hard work.  This is why so many people don’t do it.  But, we’re not most people.  We are firefighters and we’re not afraid of hard.


Fortuna favors the brave

~Roman Proverb






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