Sweet Maggie Lane

In the last few years Miami Dade Fire Rescue has lost so many firefighters in their prime, it’s hard to fathom. We are still reeling. It’s taken me a few days to process the loss of Maggie Lane, but I’ve come to feel her life defines her far more than her death. It’s Maggie’s life I will remember. Her toughness and vulnerability. Her sensuality. Many people in our profession grow hard but Maggie never seemed hard to me. She always had a warmth to her. A gentle sensitivity.


Maggie was a shooting star. She flamed out but while she was here she shined brighter than most. She burned with life. Maggie didn’t color within the lines. She broke rules and transgressed limits. Maggie was a wild one. A sweet one. A rebel and iconoclast. Maggie was a badass. There was a strength about her and a softness too all twirled into one. She was a fighter and a lover. Maggie LIVED her life all the way. That’s what I’ll always remember about Maggie Lane.

She is the kind of girl you never forget.


unforgettable maggie

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