From Fire Boat to Air Rescue–Super Smooth Hoist

The Ever Evolving Fire Service


March 28, 2016


MDFR Air Rescue North and Fire Boat North responded to a sailboat approximately 8 miles off Miami to treat and transport a diver with signs and symptoms of severe decompression sickness. Upon arrival, Fire Boat crew boarded vessel, packaged patient, and transferred patient to Fire Boat.




Air Rescue then performed a rescue hoist operation with stokes basket. As you can see in the video, the fire boat is underway because this generally creates a more stable platform. Two on board fireboat personnel also happened to be flight medics with Air Rescue, which no doubt contributed to such a smooth hoist. Note, a tag line is in use.


The patient was transferred to a Hyperbaric Capable Facility for treatment.


Good job to drivers, pilots, and crews!


Always Ready, Proud to Serve

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  • Pete Schecter says:

    Gea: I work with the NFPA 1006 and 1670 technical committees, writing and editing the tech rescue standards. We have added helo ops to the next version, and I would like to connect with you and other members of MDFR to get some user feedback.

    Please contact me (email is fine) to allow me to better explain and send a copy of the new materials we are working on.

    There are currently NOt enough helo people on the committee to really do this properly, and I would love to try and get some of your team involved.

    Thanks and nice video!



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