Advice For A Girl Joining An All Male Fire Department by FF/Paramedic, Kenia Trevino

Advice for a Girl Joining an all Male Fire Department


This list was given by Kenia Trevino in response to a question posted on Triple F’s group page. I thought it was very wise and so I’m sharing it! Of course, no list is definitive. There’s always more to say or do. What are you thoughts? I’d love to get a guy’s perspective!

Kenia writes:


1. Don’t date ANYONE you work with.


2. Work twice as hard, not because you’re a female but because you’re a ROOKIE. That is expected of everyone.

3. Keep your ears open and learn as much as you can.

4. Don’t get caught up with the table top politics. There will always be apparatus to clean, or a book to read or a rope bag you can open.




5. Don’t be shy to ask for help and expect to train EVERY shift.

6. Stay fit. Both mentally and physically.

7. Eat with your crew, that’s family time.

8. Have confidence in your skills: hose management, ladders, SCBA, extrication, medical.


9. NEVER stop learning.


.Kenia writes, “This has been an amazing career for me. You will make friends that become family. The brotherhood is a strong bond. Best of luck to you!”



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KeniaTrevinoKenia Trevino has been a firefighter/paramedic with Tampa Fire Rescue 
Department for six-and-a-half years and in the fire service for
nine-and-a half. She's married and a mother to three.



  • Fire Chief Tom Forward says:

    Firefighter/Paramedic Kenia Trevino is one of a number of outstanding young professional members of Tampa Fire Rescue who continually inspire those of us senior members of the department. Her passion for the job and commitment to personal and professional development are noteworthy. She is an asset to our organization and to the profession at large.
    Fire Chief Tom Forward,

  • Sara says:

    Don’t forget to seek out the women who came before you and endured what would now be considered illegal harassment to pave the way. Thirty years ago many braved the emergency services to make it much easier for those who came after.

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