The Future of Triple F–Fabulous Female First Responders!

The Ever Evolving Journey of Triple F

in Mind, Body, and Spirit


When I, Gea Haff, began Triple F–Fabulous Female Firefighters! in 2013, three months after my mother died, I never imagined in my wildest dreams how far and fast this group would grow. I’m naturally private and shy, but my mother’s passing injected me with courage. She was emotionally brave and wasn’t afraid to put herself out there. It was as if, in her crossing, her spirit had infused and emboldened mine. So in a moment of utter spontaneity I went on FB and created Triple F. Very quickly I was struck by terror and considered taking it down. But I don’t quit. I’d started this so I’d see it through.


When we hit 100 members I was surprised and happy. Thank you Christina Brusakos for being one of them!   When we hit one thousand, I was shocked. Now that we’re moving in on 3,000 I’m flabbergasted.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<St. Patty’s Parade Del Rey Beach


In these last four years many awesome things have happened with the group. We’ve gone to parades, discovered writers amongst us (Jennifer DeShon, Renee Murray, Kenia Trevino) ventured to the desert to train, and made deep, lasting friendships. Many of us have become new firefighters and paramedics, gotten promoted (Chiefs!), had babies, survived cancer, trained, trained, trained, and truly saved lives, sometimes in astonishingly courageous ways. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road, (the election was challenging!) learning as we go, yet through everything Triple F has blossomed and filled with women of incredible wisdom and strength.


<<<<<<Triple F at the Nevada National Test Site for CTOS Training

And now the journey continues in a new and exciting way! Triple F is ripe with potential for training, membership, and unity and it needs special people to guide it toward that future. People who can show the world that not only are we here—we do exist—but that we are incredibly effective as well. So, I will be moving aside to focus more intensely on my writing (working on my 3rd novel) and my spiritual practice (more solitude and meditation). And, I am handing the reins of Triple F over to two women I trust completely and believe have the perfect qualities and balance to lead Triple F into the future. Tina Guiler and Jennifer DeShon have the skills and vision to guide and grow Triple F in a way that continues to foster the spirit of our group.


Triple F’s power lies with YOU, the members, the women who work their butts off with wisdom, courage, and open hearts.


Tina Guiler is a Lieutenant with Miami Dade Fire Rescue. She’s run a charity and saves sea turtles and has a strong and passionate heart. Her vision for Triple F is clear:  to expand Triple F so it encompasses ALL female first responders, embracing those of EMS and Police, while reaching out to our brothers as well. Women and men in these fields are risking their lives to protect their communities and we all depend on each other. Tina’s mind is far more logistically and business oriented than mine, and she’s the one responsible for really getting our name out there with posters, t-shirts, challenge coins, license plates (yours rocks Kendra!) and upcoming decals. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff to come!




Jennifer DeShon works with San Bernardino County Fire Department. She’s a driver engineer and a special ops flight medic with significant wildland fire experience. She’s also a writer with the heart of a poet and the soul of a mystic. (You can read her work at and Fire Rescue Magazine.)   Jenn works with law enforcement in her role as flight medic and understands the different mind sets we all have.



With Tina and Jenn, Triple F is in strong, loving hands. I am traveling the path toward Fire Chaplaincy (as a Buddhist!) and will continue to write blogs for Triple F on resiliency, along with concrete practices to handle trauma, death, and suffering in a healthy and stabilizing way.  Because Together We Are Stronger!



Although Triple F has leaders to keep it on track, its power lies in you, the members, the women who work their butts off with wisdom, courage, and open hearts. I truly believe women have specific assets that fire/ems and police are in desperate need of.  (Focus, attention to detail, communication abilities, emotional awareness)   Women are deeply resilient and have the ability to deal with suffering on a daily basis while maintaining compassion and open hearts—an evolutionary response that comes from  millennia of caring for the most vulnerable amongst us: children, the sick and dying. Women are tough, brave, and brimming with wisdom. Let’s share it with the world. Always treating each other with kindness and respect, as sisters who look out for their family (even when they piss us off), reminding each other when we stray from the path to get back on it, reminding each other that our standards are high because we are more than capable of living up to them.


Because we are Triple F—Fabulous Female First Responders!

Fostering the Mind, Body, and Spirit so that we all shine like stars.

Like my mother, Bobbye Louise!



This photo was taken on Christmas Day, 2012, less than three months before she crossed over to the other side.  She shone the whole way.  Lord, I miss her!


  • Patty Frosch says:

    Thank you so much, Gea! Your courage and leadership and lots of creativity…will become a role model to so many women pushing the edge! You’ve encouraged me to keep going through the challenges that hit AFTER my fire rescue career! I would love to be of assistance to you in any way. Started “work/life experience” as a volunteer, Fire Chaplain 10 years ago. Best wishes, Patty.

    • gea says:

      Thank you Patty. I’ve heard great things about you from the MDFR Chaplains. They definitely consider you still part of the team even though you’ve moved from Florida. I will definitely remember you’re out there! Thank you so much for reaching out!

  • Tracy Kenny says:

    I love all of this! It’s inspiring others! Glad you got us all together to share and inspire each other! Your mother would be proud of all you have done. Thank you from all of us who benefit from this!

  • Samantha says:

    You rock girl. I’m proud to call you sister. and thank you so much for all this. You really inspire us all….. I love the love you have for your career and determination for what you want to do….. keep until sista. ‍

  • Natalie Duran says:

    Powerful, impactful words for us women to live by on a daily basis. I wish you the best as your work takes you on a different path but focused on the same goals. Blessed to be one of your sisters in public safety

    • gea says:

      Natalie, it’s been such a pleasure to meet you. You are a powerful asset to our department, especially with CISM, and I will always have you in mind. Thank you for all you’ve done for us!

  • mimi says:

    just thankful i get to know you guys!!!
    impressed and inspired by what you all do!!!
    honored to be a member!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
    your swiss girl :-)))

  • Bob Carpenter says:

    Good for your Gea! I wish you well in all that you do. FFF continues to make a mark. If there is any way I can help, don’t hesitate. -Bob

  • Bob Carpenter says:

    The above goes for Tina and the rest of the team as well.

  • Lorin Plante says:

    Hello fellow firefighters! My name is Lorin, thankyou for inviting me to your group! A little about me, I was one of the first four women hired by Minneapolis Minnesota fire dept back in 1986! Nothing like invading the boys club,needless to say it was not easy! But we endured ! The last 20 years of my career I became a driver( engineer ) I have since retired! Would still love to be a sounding board if need be!!

  • Diane Vetter says:

    To the Fabulous Female First Responders, my name is Diane Vetter and am a recently retired firefighter, having served for 18 years as an EMT, Structure Firefighter, Wildland Firefighter and Technical Rescue Technician for the Green Valley Fire Department in Southern Arizona, and was voted Firefighter of the Year 2006. Let me know how an ex-firefighter can be of service to the women of FFF. I have recently completed a humorous novel about wildland firefighting and the book features some strong minded female characters that I am sure you will enjoy. The book is called “Holy Crap … We’re On Fire!” I am doing more research for a sequel so contact me and tell me some funny stories about your experiences in firefighting or EMS.

  • Diane Vetter says:

    To the Fabulous Femail First Responders

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