Firestorms, Hurricanes, and Massacres; The Light Behind the Darkness

We are experiencing a time of great turmoil right now; destruction, chaos and pain. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. But it is also an opportunity. Because the possibility exists for the inconsequential, the small and mundane desires that no longer serve us, to be swept aside as deep, consequential energies rise to the surface.


Questions emerge. What do we care about most? What truly matters? What is wasting our time, distracting us from our soul’s purpose? Distracting us from love and meaning? What can we shuttle? If we were to lose all our material possessions what would we have left?  If we were to die today, what wake of energy would we leave behind for our families, friends, and those strangers we pass in the night?  How can we serve?


Evil must encountered, not evaded.  By knowing and withstanding the dark underside of wisdom, the spiritual seeker is refined. 

                                       Daniel C. Matt, The Essential Kabbalah


Pain wakes us up. Death and destruction get our attention. Our fears rise to the surface until they are impossible to ignore.  We can face them or turn away.  This may mean facing our fear of poverty and death.  Obviously, this takes time and HUGE courage.  But it may be that the universe is screaming for us to Wake Up! And if we were to listen, we could identify dangerous attachments –to ideas, emotional patterns, addictions, and objects–and offer them up to flood and fire to be cleansed from our lives.


Here I’m talking to first responders: Growth comes from destruction. Wisdom comes from pain. This has been true historically and is spiritually true as well. Sacrifice abounds in world myth and religion because it leads to something new. It is a brutal lesson that something must be given or taken for something new to be born, but it is a meaningful lesson.  If we can give ourselves time to heal; if we can resist the urge to arm ourselves, self-medicate, and retract beneath armor, we can grow. By maintaining the will to stay open to life in all its pain and chaos, and girding ourselves with courage and love, we can grow very powerful indeed. 


What lies behind the veil, –beauty or terror or both –is very much determined by your courage and your openness to love and magic and adventure.

                                                                                                                     Robert Moss


In Las Vegas, a single man surrendered to hatred and rage and unleashed it on the world. And in answer to that one man, hundreds of people acted instinctually to help the wounded, offering up their cars, broad shoulders and backs, their hearts and courage to help people they didn’t even know.  Because this is who we really are.  And we all are One.


                                                                      Reach out beyond your reach

                                                                      Enduring beyond enduring;

                                                                      No limit set to each

                                                                     Unlimited outpouring

                                                                                                    ~Gustav Davidson




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