“Lose Yourself” by lexi quinn


It’s so easy to lose yourself, becoming buried in the BS of our daily lives, trying to climb some imaginary ladder of success not even knowing where that might lead.
Who’s definition of success are you even climbing towards? What if that ideological epitome of success that society has engrained in us is a box you just don’t fit into? Working your ass off everyday to buy the next thing that’s supposed to make you happy, or getting in debt to be able to work, then working the rest of your life to get out of the debt? Then one day if you’re lucky when your old and broke down from working your whole life you finally get to enjoy whatever time you have left with whatever health you have left because “that’s just the way it is”?
We are constantly missing the energy and blessings around us. We take them for granted. Time itself is taken for granted. We forget the importance of simply “living in the moment.” We’d rather be somewhere else, doing something else, rushing through each moment. Without being IN the moment, we miss small details; energy, smells, sights and little things that could turn into a lesson learned.
Our busy work consumes most of our day, we never have time for our our life’s work. Hell, some of us are even on a constant pause. Waiting and waiting to find out who we are, what our dreams are, to struggle for what we truly want in life, to open ourselves to love and to just live. It’s like we’re waiting for society to give us the approval to activate our true potential. You miss out on 100% of the chances you don’t take. The energy of the world is flatlining; well being – cast aside for wealth, success favored over sanity. Some of us turn cold toward life, and others.

Let’s not take this life for granted by wasting it with negativity and lack of action. Take the time to CHERISH THE MOMENT, WHILE YOU’RE IN THE MOMENT!




Lexi Quin grew up in Wisconsin, and spent her summers in souther Missouri. Tomboy that she was, it wasn’t unusual to find her playing in the dirts, chasing horses, or challenging her brother to a round of video games. Being raised by parents who worked at Pierce, a large fire apparatus manufacturer, gave her constant exposure to the fire world. The idea of being part of a team, helping the community, and constantly being challenged, appealed to her. At age 16 she joined the Explorers. After graduating high school, she enrolled in the Structural Firefighting Academy. To help pay for school she worked part-time at a local fire department, as well as two other jobs. In 2014, Quinn graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Fire Science. After 7 years working as a Firefighter/EMT for a city department, Quinn took an interest in expanding her experience, moved to Utah, and became a wildland firefighter with the US Forest Service. Three years later she is a full-time USFS Hotshot.


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