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Chasing The Flash – Part 3 of 3 By Retired Captain Tracy Moore

Welcome back for the conclusion of this three-part blog. Last time ended when Eddie, worried I was out to get him, transferred to a different firehouse. With Eddie gone we were assigned a tramp each following shift to take his place. A tramp in Minneapolis is a term for a firefighter, female or male, sent […]

Time for Transformation by Gea Leigh Haff

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This is a time of transformation for our planet and the human race.  Cosmologically, we’re entering a new 200 year cycle and it’s playing out in big ways. Transformation hurts.  It’s  chaotic.  Things die for new life to be born.    This is the Year of Karma when our life choices come to fruition in […]

“Lose Yourself” by lexi quinn

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  It’s so easy to lose yourself, becoming buried in the BS of our daily lives, trying to climb some imaginary ladder of success not even knowing where that might lead. ____ Who’s definition of success are you even climbing towards? What if that ideological epitome of success that society has engrained in us is […]

These Are The People – by Jennifer Bartholomew

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Photography by Greg Griffin She called 911 because she said she had been hit over the head by a man with a lock and chain. She was barefoot and terrified. Her feet were encrusted with many layers of dirt. It had been a long time since she’d worn shoes. Her pants were torn and soiled, [...]

HEROES – jennifer deshon

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“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca I have believed for a long time that the hardest thing firefighters do is get up every morning and go to work, never knowing what the day might throw at us. To face that uncertainty is the one truly brave thing we […]

Post-Traumatic Growth is Real

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There is a darkness in the world and we have the privilege and the burden of bearing witness to it. With our profession and a continual exposure to death, pain, and cruelty, it is natural to sometimes feel traumatized ourselves. This is normal if we are healthy, compassionate beings and not psychopaths. But the feeling […]

Renee Murray–Thoughts About My Fire Company

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My thoughts for today about my fire company:   Being a female in the volunteer fire service comes with a unique set of challenges; some of which are very real and nearly tangible, and others, I admit, may only exist in our (often self-conscious) imaginations. These challenges present themselves differently for all of us, so […]

Advice For A Girl Joining An All Male Fire Department by FF/Paramedic, Kenia Trevino

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Advice for a Girl Joining an all Male Fire Department   This list was given by Kenia Trevino in response to a question posted on Triple F’s group page. I thought it was very wise and so I’m sharing it! Of course, no list is definitive. There’s always more to say or do. What are […]

She’s Got Grit

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Shannon Huffman Polson, former Apache helicopter pilot and Army 2nd Lt, writes about female leadership for her column She’s Got Grit. In this article she branches out from the military to the fire service and asks me a few questions. I’m not an officer, just a firefighter, but if you’re interested you can read more […]

Sweet Maggie Lane

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In the last few years Miami Dade Fire Rescue has lost so many firefighters in their prime, it’s hard to fathom. We are still reeling. It’s taken me a few days to process the loss of Maggie Lane, but I’ve come to feel her life defines her far more than her death. It’s Maggie’s life […]

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