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What is Triple F?

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  The other day someone asked me, “What is Triple F?”  It”s really quite simple.  Triple F is a group for women striving to succeed in a man’s world.  Traditionally, firefighting has been a man’s world and it still is.  Over 96% of the fire service is male and the numbers are not really budging.  […]

Fight the Monsters

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I had lunch with my good friend Susie the other day, and as we sat by the water drinking Coronas with lime, the subject of women in the fire academy came up. We both knew someone who had entered the academy completely physically unprepared.  At 5’2, Susie is small but incredibly fit and strong.  She […]

The Birth of Triple F

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I created Triple F only a few days after my Mother died in late March.  I was running in a small national park tucked away in the Florida Keys hammock.  No one else was there.  As I ran over a slender dirt path through the shadows of trees and grieved for my Mother, the idea […]

Bees in a Tree

The other day we responded to a call for bees in a tree.  The location was at a development not far from the station.  En route, my partner and I verbally went over the AKB protocol.  Africanized Killer Bees.  They made their way to South Florida through the ports here.  Bunker Out.  Go on air. […]

Population: 485; Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time

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If you want to read a literary book on firefighting or small town living then this is the book.  Population: 485 is a hilarious and moving collection of essays written about New Auburn, Wisconsin; a town of, yes, you guessed it–485 people.  Not only is Michael Perry a skilled writer, he is also a volunteer firefighter/emt, and […]

Threshold Guardians

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 “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.” –Charles Dickens, David Copperfield   Since I began Triple F, I have received many personal messages from women all over the country who are struggling in the fire […]

The Triple F Logo

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The new Triple F logo is here.  You can visit the group at

The Combat Position, Book Review, Part 1

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I am only halfway through The Combat Position, Achieving Firefighter Readiness by Christopher Brennan, but I thought I would share my thoughts since there is so much to say about this fantastic book.   The Combat Position is a fluid read that addresses the mind, body, and spirit as it applies to firefighting warriorship.  The […]


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Confidence is key to high performance. For women in the fire service, confidence can be elusive, but it is essential if we are to thrive (and not simply survive) on the fire ground.  Confidence gets ladders up.  Confidence tears doors down.  We need it to be our best, but ample obstacles exist.  It is challenging […]

We Are Not Cyborgs

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We are still doing it.  After all the critical incident stress debriefings, suicide prevention workshops, and unacceptably high number of firefighter suicides, (3 in one year on my dept.), we are still shutting people down who try to speak about calls and the sorrow they bring.   In the past two weeks I have heard […]

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