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Triple F MindSet

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Triple F is a mindset.  An attitude.  It’s a determination to forge our mind, body, and spirit into an indomitable flame. Indomitable means “impossible to subdue or defeat” and flame is pure energy and light, so I find indomitable flame an inspiring metaphor for human potential.  To become this indomitable flame means taking the path less […]

The Combat Position, Book Review, Part 1

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I am only halfway through The Combat Position, Achieving Firefighter Readiness by Christopher Brennan, but I thought I would share my thoughts since there is so much to say about this fantastic book.   The Combat Position is a fluid read that addresses the mind, body, and spirit as it applies to firefighting warriorship.  The […]


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Many years ago I was in Israel visiting an archaeological museum perched high upon a dusty hill. There I came upon something that took me by surprise: dozens upon dozens of stone sarcophagi (carved and inscribed coffins) covered in images of women warriors fighting men in battle.  The women rode on horseback and fought with […]