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Chasing The Flash – Part 3 of 3 By Retired Captain Tracy Moore

Welcome back for the conclusion of this three-part blog. Last time ended when Eddie, worried I was out to get him, transferred to a different firehouse. With Eddie gone we were assigned a tramp each following shift to take his place. A tramp in Minneapolis is a term for a firefighter, female or male, sent […]

Time for Transformation by Gea Leigh Haff

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This is a time of transformation for our planet and the human race.  Cosmologically, we’re entering a new 200 year cycle and it’s playing out in big ways. Transformation hurts.  It’s  chaotic.  Things die for new life to be born.    This is the Year of Karma when our life choices come to fruition in […]

The Academy

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My recruit class was an experiment.  Miami Dade Fire Rescue needed firefighters and in an attempt to put two classes through simultaneously, sent my class, 99, to a neighboring county’s academy. Let’s just call it BFE.  (This was ten years ago and instructors & attitudes may have changed). BFE wasn’t a big fan of ours […]