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Air Rescue at Sea

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My first article for Firefighter Nation and Fire Rescue Magazine! http://www.firefighternation.com/article/firefighting-operations/rescue-water     A video of Air Rescue North’s open water night hoist to the cruise ship Norwegian Getaway–     Thank you Lieutenant Scott Mullin for the great photos. “Always Ready, Proud to Serve”  

No Excuses

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The women of Miami Dade Fire Rescue are on a roll. This October Flight Medic Susana Oatmeyer performed an open water hoist in Florida Bay to retrieve a victim from a capsized boat; Rescue Diver Brandy Paternoster and Sal Hernandez rescued a truck driver trapped in a canal; and TRT Firefighter Maggie Castro placed 1st […]

Why We Do It

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My officer and I are rescue divers and awhile ago we pulled a person from a lake.  (I’m being vague for privacy’s sake.)  The call came in for a possible suicide attempt.  The lake was large and dark.  It was at night and we couldn’t see anyone.  Resources were called in.  Police and Fire were […]