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Browned Skin Girls and Belt Buckles

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One thing I love about the fire service is its deep tradition and emblems of brotherhood.  Representations of our trade abound linking us all as a common tribe.  Generally, though, the figurative images tend to be white and male.  In America’s earlier days the Irish were fierce firefighters and I appreciate that, but as they […]

The Power of Story

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For millennia, humans have sat before fires, huddled together on cold, dark nights and told each other stories.  Mothers and fathers have sent their children off to sleep adrift on fairy tales for ten thousand years.  And before our species even knew language, we drew symbols of magic and hunting and death on caves to […]


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Many years ago I was in Israel visiting an archaeological museum perched high upon a dusty hill. There I came upon something that took me by surprise: dozens upon dozens of stone sarcophagi (carved and inscribed coffins) covered in images of women warriors fighting men in battle.  The women rode on horseback and fought with […]