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Triple F-Fabulous Female Firefighters! is where the world’s fire service sisters come together to motivate, share their experience, and inspire one another.

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Triple F’ers focus on community, growing knowledge, and development of resilience. It is our intention to empower First Responders in mind, body, and spirit.  Our belief is that by creating a fierce sisterhood of resilience and support we can become the strongest and most united women –and men– in the fire universe! In other words, Fabulous.

Motto: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!



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Fire Mission Statement

Our mission is to thrive on the fire ground while growing into skilled, knowledgeable, and confident firefighters. Regardless of the challenges we face, we will strive to support our fellow sister and brother firefighters while conducting ourselves with honor.



Triple F_Type_MasterFirefighter Ethos

The women of Triple F will strive to be the most fabulous firefighters we can with a triple focus on mind, body, and spirit. We will train more, study longer, and work harder in order to be a legitimate asset to our crew and fire department. We will develop our mind, body, and spirit in order to protect and serve others.


Triple F’ers believe that to be a firefighter is a privilege. We understand that we represent less than 4% of the fire service and are therefore role models to other women who may someday follow in our footsteps. As such, we will strive to conduct ourselves with honor and dignity, on and off duty, with our families, lovers, friends, and crew.


Triple Fers will support their sisters and brothers and be a uniting force within their departments. We will actively seek out training in firefighting and will not wait for someone else to provide it. We will protect our brothers and sisters and our communities while treating each other with compassion. Through study and practice we will foster the heart and the fist.


The women of Triple F understand that we are rescuers and consciously choose to risk ourselves so that others may live.We will endeavor to carry courage into all aspects of our life- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will strive to live selflessly for our families and communities, and when we die, we will go out like warriors, with a heart free of fear and full of love for the world.


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Triple F

Triple F

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  • Gea,
    You have an impressive website, I expect your niche resonant s well with your followers and colleagues. Your message to educate, protect, grow professionally is in keeping with one of our recently released title I Can’t Save You, But I’ll Die Trying; The American Fire Culture by 45 year veteran (32 at the National Fire Academy) Dr. Burton A. Clark EFO. Burt is arguably one of the most respected fire safety experts in the country today. Burt has dedicated his life to protect firefighters and civilians from fire.
    Burt believes, Society needs to change how it thinks and feels about fire death, When a civilian is killed it is not part of the job. When there is a fire death something went wrong. The public as well as the fire service can all do better to prevent and survive fire.”

    I would like a physical address so I may send you a review copy in the hopes you will in fact review it, and if you find it appropriate for you and your followers please post your thoughts.

    I can be reached at this email address or you may call 800-891-7323.

    Thank you,

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